Tappee Projects

2017 Taps: Tap in to Women's Health
Tap in to Women’s Health aimed to prepare self-identifying women, femmes, and all people with biologically female body parts to advocate for their pain and illness in health care. The project included an event where a panel gave advice on how women and others can advocate for themselves and how identity can inform voices in medical spaces. One focus was on gynecological health issues. For more information, visit the website the Taps made dedicated to the project.
Class of 2016: Project Period
Project Period aimed to supply personal hygiene products to high-traffic buildings across campus through a two week campus-wide drive. In addition, the Tap Class of 2016 made it their mission to destigmatize menstrual health. All students were encouraged to participate through product donations, interactive tabling events, and the Project Period social media campaign.
Class of 2015: Food SecureUT
The Taps '16 created a monetary fund for students facing food insecurity and raised awareness on campus. Low food security is defined as disrupted eating patterns and reduced food intake due to financial concerns. The fund will be administered in the form of Dine-In Dollars by Student Emergency Services to students who do not know where their next meal is coming from. Events were held during the spring to fundraise and to educate students about the existence and scope of this problem on campus.
Class of 2014: PrOJect Aspire
PrOJect Aspire was a day-long college readiness conference hosted at East Side Memorial High School. This event was targeted at high school women and included workshops, discussions, and private admissions counseling. Programs included resume and essay review, student organizations panel, and hands-on STEM activities. Breakfast and lunch were provided to all attendees.
Class of 2013: PrOJect Selfie
PrOJect Selfie was an initiative to educate UT and Austin residents on how to best take care for their mental and physical well-being while also encouraging self-acceptance.
Class of 2012: UT Women's Resource C
This project was to initiate a movement toward building a women’s resource center on campus. The Taps created a university-wide, faculty-supported survey that was released to expose unfavorable statistics that would reveal the desperate need for an on-campus women’s center and hosted a round-table for female student leaders to talk about different issues women face on campus. Notes of testimony were taken and compiled to be added to a formal proposal for a UT Women’s Center.
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