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According to a UT survey in 2013, nearly 20% of our student body has skipped meals somewhat often, often, or very often in order to save money. If that's the case, that means nearly 1 in 5 UT students has experienced some form of low food security. The Orange Jackets 2015 Tap Class Project focuses on creating awareness and resources to address the issue of low food security on campus. The goal is to provide assistance to students who do not know where their next meal is coming from by partnering with Student Emergency Services (SES). The 2015 Tap Class will be creating a fund for students who need access to food assistance as well as a mural to be displayed on campus, showcasing photographs of UT students who contributed to this cause.


All donations amounts are accepted and appreciated. If you would like to submit a photo to be part of the mural, please send photos to and reference the name associated with your donation in the subject line. Questions about the Food SecureUT initiative can also be directed to

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