Alumni Accolade: Jordan Metoyer

This month, we are featuring Jordan Metoyer, Tap Class of 2011. During her time at UT, Jordan was heavily involved in Student Government, serving as a member of the Diversity and Inclusion Agency, City Relations Task Force, a Longhorn Legislative Aide, and even Chief of Staff. In addition, she was also involved with Girl Scouts of Central Texas, worked in Washington D.C. as an Archer Fellow, and is a member of the Friar Society. Since her time on the Forty Acres, Jordan has lived in Washington D.C. and San Francisco. Both of the cities harbor active OJ alumnae chapters, and Jordan has found herself turning to fellow OJs for weekend adventures, career advice, and constant sources of inspiration.

Texas Orange Jackets volunteer at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center every year. A loyal public servant and former OJ, Lady Bird established the center to conserve native plants and focus on sustainability. Reflecting on her time in OJs, Jordan fondly remembers the visits to the center. She even took a class on the Johnson presidency at the LBJ library, allowing her to understand the role Lady Bird played in national conservation and beautification.

A similar undercurrent runs through Orange Jackets both past and present: commitment to service. Jordan describes public service as her “north star,” something that has shaped both her professional and personal life. It comes as no surprise that this commitment led her to become a political appointee for the Obama Administration after she graduated in 2014. In the White House, Jordan worked in both the Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and the Office of Management and Budget.

Jordan credits Orange Jackets for providing a space that allowed her sense of civic duty and service to mankind to grow. OJs differ in the fields they go into, whether it's law, consulting, media, technology, education or politics; all OJs maintain a dedication to world-changing causes. Volunteering time and resources to the continued pursuit of changing the world is why Jordan believes we become OJs and remain loyal to it’s tenants, no matter where we end up. Even now, Jordan maintains, “by virtue of their own professional drive, sense of service, and personal conviction, OJ women push me to always give my best.”

When asked her advice to current Tappees, Jordan said:

"Increase your tolerance for risk: some of the most rewarding career and personal opportunities came from putting myself outside of my comfort zone. If you put yourself in a box too early in your career, you'll miss out on exciting opportunities and learning lessons."

"As a mentor once told me, some of the best life advice comes from blues and country songs. 'Humble and Kind' is one song that can't prove wrong. No matter what life throws your way, keep your head up, work hard, and always remain humble and kind."

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