FTIW Texas 4000

“Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good.” - Minor Myers Every year, a team of 40-50 college students bike over 4,500 miles to Alaska to raise funds for cancer research. Texas 4000’s goal is to engage communities in the fight against cancer and Orange Jackets is proud to have a few T4K riders in our membership. Every rider has a unique and passionate reason for participaint in the Texas 4000 program. Here are a few from our Orange Jackets:

Nancy Bonds

2015 Ride Year

"For the past three and a half years I have devoted my time at this University to giving back to students, to campus, and the Austin community, but a year ago, I realized I wanted to give back to something bigger. I wanted to help fight cancer, to drive out a disease, and to provide hope to people across the country. I ride for not only my parents, my grandparents, my coworkers, and my team, but also I also bike for the people I never had the opportunity to meet.”

Larissa Puente 2016 Ride Year

"Although cancer has a destructive nature, cancer is not capable of destroying hope. I ride for the opportunity to spread hope through each pedal stroke. I ride for the hope that will inspire a cure, the hope that will keep a patient fighting, the hope that will comfort a grieving a family member and/or friend. I ride for never letting go of hope.

I also ride for: My grandmother, Dolores Puente My aunt, Olivia Juarez Florence Horton The Peters Family James Keillo Mark Conway Deborah Vaughn"

Samantha Meyer 2016 Ride Year

"Last summer I was a counselor at Camp Kesem, a free 5 day summer camp put on by UT students for children whose families have been effected by cancer. My experience at Camp Kesem really changed the way I thought about service and got me thinking about the impact I could have on the cancer community. I ride for the kids at Camp Kesem, for my Nanny Kristi who is a breast cancer survivor and for my Grandma's Boyfriend Irwin who is currently battling Lymphoma. I ride for a cancer free tomorrow!"

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