MCB Recipient 2014, Danielle Smith, Interview

The Margaret C. Berry Scholarship is awarded annually to one outstanding sophomore woman who has demonstrated a commitment to scholarship, leadership, and service during her two years at The University of Texas at Austin. The winner of this prestigious award receives honorary Orange Jackets membership, and a scholarship from The Texas Exes. Last year’s Margaret C. Berry Scholarship recipient was Danielle Smith, a Corporate Communications major from Houston, Texas. Here’s our interview with her:

Why did you apply for the MCB scholarship? Initially I didn’t want to. I wasn’t into the whole long application, intimidating interviews, and rejection. It wasn’t until a mentor of mine ingrained in me that I actually had a chance at winning. Since I stepped foot on this campus, I knew that I wanted to be a part of the amazing organization, Orange Jackets, I just didn’t know how. I knew that even if I didn’t win the scholarship I would be disappointed in myself, for not AT LEAST applying, so I did! What advice do you have for current MCB applicants? BE YOURSELF! I can’t stress enough how I psyched myself out during the application trying to find the best words, the biggest words, and after typing an essay over and over again, I needed to figure out what the issue was. The application didn’t read me, I needed to do the application with an open mind and with honesty. You will feel so much better if you answer thoroughly, with confidence, and with honesty. BE YOU! What’s has been your favorite OJ Hosting to date? I believe it was the most recent one for the Blanton Museum Gala. Not only was it amazing to see such prestigious people, but identifying with them as longhorns and understanding that they were once in my shoes developed a confidence I would have never gained had I not attended this event. What are you involved with on and off campus? The easier question is what are you not involved in. I’ll keep it brief, but I am a member of the Black Student Alliance, the Director of Operations for Afrikan American Affairs, Vice-President of the Pre-law National Black Law Student Association, and lastly a founder and Director of Communications for a new organization Texas Women of Excellence. In addition to these on campus activates I was an Orientation Advisor for two summers and welcomed over 5,000 Students. Off campus, I am involved in a program called ASHAKI, where I visit and mentor with the young women at the Austin Alternative Learning Center. I am currently working on a project to connect minority women on campus with young minority women in the Austin community; that is where my passion lives and I feel that is where I have been placed to serve. Leave us with one FTIW! FTIW, SLAY at everything I do :)

For more information about the Margaret C. Berry Scholarship and Orange Jackets, please visit

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