Big O and Little J Valentines!

Valentine’s Day is here and there isn’t a better time to celebrate Big O-Lil J love! Every tap is matched with 1 or 2 wonderful actives to help guide her quest for the vest. For Texas We will love our Big O / Lil J!

Julie Choi & Larissa Puente

"I admire my little j, Julie Choi, because she is driven, warmhearted, and hilarious! She brightens my day every day. She's my valentine every day of the year.” – Larissa

Gunjan Singh & Julie Dorland

"I love my Big O because she's a BME just like me! She shows me that it's possible to survive (and thrive!) in this difficult major and I love seeing her around campus because she's always smiling!” – Julie

Rachel Huynh & Savannah Kumar & Diana Pop

"I'm constantly inspired by my worldly Big Os: Rachel Huynh (top) is currently traveling the world through a Semester at Sea from Asia to London and Savannah Kumar (bottom) has already spent a semester interning with the United Nations in DC as only a junior!” – Diana

"I love my Little J, Diana, because she is so knowledgable about international affairs, always lets me thridwheel dates with her and her boyfriend, shares my love of bunnies, has a birthday that is just one day away from mine, and has mad photoshopping skills.” – Savannah

Jaclyn Kachelmeyer & Sruti Nuthalapati & Christle Nwora

“How did I get so lucky? Sruti and Jaclyn are wonderful big O’s! Sruti (or Dr. Sruti - why delay the inevitable?) fills a room a joy and Jaclyn is always steps ahead of the game.” – Christle

“We have the best Lil’ J; she’s incredibly intelligent, independent, and beautiful. She’s proactive in pursing new projects, seamlessly manages the OJ Instagram and Twitter pages, and is an amazing dancer!” – Sruti

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