Orange Jackets Membership

Texas Orange Jackets (OJs) is one of the oldest honorary service organizations at UT. We are a service organization that serves as official hosts of the University of Texas at Austin. All members of OJs dedicate themselves to upholding the three Orange Jackets tenets: service, leadership, scholarship, and community. Orange Jackets membership devotes itself to serving the university, Austin community, and supporting individual members’ initiatives. We spend countless hours volunteering at The Settlement Home for Children, our primary philanthropy for over two decades.


OJ’s commitment to service is further demonstrated through our year-long initiation process for new members. All new members of Orange Jackets must design and implement a service project before becoming actives and as a part of earning their Orange Jackets vest.

Leadership is a common denominator among all OJs, whether it is through leading student-run organizations or championing a cause or for a community close to their heart. In addition to serving the university, OJs also promise to serve each other and invest in relationships with the people within our organization. We share a connection as women and non-binary individuals in leadership across the Forty Acres that you’ll seldom find anywhere else, with an alumni network that is 97 years strong!

Aside from a dedication to service, OJs are often leaders in their academic fields. OJs routinely exemplify scholarship through impressive grades, challenging coursework, active research, study abroad, and a host of other unique scholarly experiences. Most importantly, however, OJs are people who have an insatiable desire to know and interact with something that is interesting, special, and noteworthy to them, independent of the thoughts of others.

Community as the foundational tenet of Orange Jackets builds unwavering solidarity alongside all movements committed to change for the common good. OJs exemplify this tenet through all three of the previous tenets.

Orange Jackets accepts new members in the fall semester only, as the new member initiation program is a full year (two semesters) commitment. There are two Orange Jacket application processes, and you can read about them using the links below.

Fall Application Process

Margaret C. Berry Scholarship Application

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