Apply for Texas Orange Jackets membership!



The Fall 2020 Texas Orange Jackets application will open on August 1st, 2020


Welcome prospective members! Texas Orange Jackets seeks new members that are dedicated to the OJ tenets of service, leadership, and scholarship.


We require all applicants to have:

  • at least two in-residence semesters completed at the time of the application

  • a minimum of 3 semesters left at the University (usually applicants are in their second year or third year at UT)

  • a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA. A GPA of less than 3.0 requires the submission of an explanation of extenuating circumstances.


The OJ Vice President of Membership will verify that all applicants meet these requirements before the new member selection process begins.


The application includes essays and short answer questions, and applicants must also submit an Academic Summary (applicants must request summaries from the Registrar’s office). Take care to read the application instructions. There will be a FaceBook page for prospective members to join and ask questions about the application process, as well as several information sessions and events where applicants can interact with current OJs during the first weeks of the fall semester. 


Folks who score well on the application portion of the process will be invited to interview with the Orange Jacket Selection Committee, and a portion of interviewees will be invited to join Texas Orange Jackets. All prospective applicants should know that there is no cookie cutter OJ, and we encourage all women and non-binary individuals who are UT students with a passion for service, leadership, and scholarship to apply!

Questions about the application or the information listed above should be directed to Grace Schrobilgen, Vice President of Membership. 

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